sacredhearts: dinosaurs and guns. inspired.

heh, thanks for checkin my stuff out

Oh snap

Just fired up the ask and submit options on this blog

ask away



just reblog with your url only! & watch the follows pour in, (:



sup players and playettes

got a piece in this show tonight, i know you’re going to be there right?


heres the flyer

cruise by and say hi


sup players and playettes

long time no see.

ive been a busy busy boy lately, i hope all you are well

heres what ive been up to lately

i recent got a sweet project thrown at me making some zombie shit for a commercial for mtv, keep an eye out there for me, im excited to see what came of it

these were pretty damn fun

(my fave)

heres an actual picture of them on set!

im ALSO working on an awesome book project with a buddy of mine about DINOSAURS

heres some preview art from that, its gonna be awesome

thats all i got for now!! see you soon

New sketch people!

Sup my peeps

long time no see, been in a sorta funk folks…thanks for the emails.

I’ve got a ton of ideas coming up so im diggin deep and trying to find the motivation to see them thru to completion :D

that being said, heres the first sketch of hopefully many

enjoy :D

cant wait to ink this s-o-b